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COVID-19 Update: Hollandia Cup Cancellation


Weather Provisions

  1. If weather conditions make the fields unplayable, this page will note contingency plans below for the games affected.
  2. The Tournament Committee has the right to shorten the length of games.
  3. If 50% or more of the game has been played before cancellation of the match due to weather conditions, the match shall be considered complete.
  4. If the temperature is at or above twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius, referees have been asked to provide a two (2) minute water break for both teams near the half way mark of each half. Games could be shortened by that time, if games are running behind.
  5. Tournament fees are non-refundable if games or the tournament are cancelled for any reason.

Rescheduled Games

All rescheduled games due to weather will be noted here.


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